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EU Citizenship by investment
in Bulgaria

Visa-free travel to 169 countries
and a range of economic and social rights
Freedom of movement rights
within the EU, the EEA, and Switzerland
Spouse and children (even >18 years old)
can also obtain EU citizenship

The Republic of Bulgaria is one of several EU Member States which offer EU residence by investment (RBI) and EU citizenship by investment (CBI)


Low qualifying

Approximately €500,000.00 (Standard Track) and approximately €1,000,000.00 (Fast Track).

Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria process

Fast track

Leads to citizenship within approximately 24 months from initial investment. Permanent residency within 4-6 months.

Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria process

Various investment classes

You can choose among a variety of low and medium risk investment classes.

Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria process


You are not required to reside in Bulgaria (though you could), nor to learn the language. Dual citizenship allowed.


Bulgaria - a gateway to the European society,
way of life and economy


Standard and fast tracks
to citizenship

Fast track

2 investments of
~€ 500,000.00

2 years

Standard track

1 investment of
~€ 500,000.00

6 years



4 options

Smooth process

To apply for and obtain an EU Passport

6 steps

We are your
citizenship lawyers

To date, we have a 100% success rate
in our citizenship by investment work.

with the investment

We have a network of financial institutions around the world to assist with making the investment

and certification

We can support applicants in procuring, certifying and legalising the necessary documents


We will guide you through the pitfalls of the process and advise on the optimal recourse

We speak your

We can support clients who speak Russian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish and others

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