Following the most recent parliamentary elections (November 14th, 2021), a new centrist party “We Continue the Change” (CC) won most seats and are currently leading talks for the formation of a coalition government, jointly with the centre-right “Democratic Bulgaria” (DB) and the previous disruptor, ITN and the opposition Socialist Party (BSP).

The leaders of CC ran on a platform of zero corruption with a pro-business orientation. They were economy and finance ministers in the caretaker government that has run Bulgaria since May.

Both were educated abroad including at Harvard, and have experience of foreign investment in Bulgaria. Mr Petkov himself acquired Canadian citizenship earlier in life and Mr Vasilev ran a successful tech business involving China and Singapore. 

During their time in the caretaker government, they have been friendly to pro-immigration changes such as revamping the EU Blue Card as applied in Bulgaria to make the process more streamlined and attractive.

While the topic of citizenship by investment has not been raised during the parliamentary elections campaign, we expect that Mr Petkov who is slated for Prime Minister will take a pragmatic approach towards attracting foreign investments.

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